Unity Fishing


Our values, heritage and family history ensures our commitment to sustainable fishing. Both herring and mackerel are in very high demand due to their high omega 3 content so care must be taken not to overfish.

We are part of the Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Groupís (SPSG) North Sea herring fishery which was the first Scottish pelagic fishery to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Earlier in 2009 the western component of the north east Atlantic mackerel was also MSC certified as sustainable.

Modern electronic equipment such as sonar, net and catch monitors have all greatly improved the precision of this method of fishing. Pelagic trawls are towed at the appropriate level in the water column to intercept target shoals, with gear depth being controlled by altering towing speed and/or warp length. As a result, there is no impact on bottom habitats and bottom structures.

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