Unity Fishing

FR 165 Unity

This is our current fishing vessel and she was built in 1989 at Simek. We have subsequently modernised our vessel over the intervening years as new technology has become available and we have a close working relationship with Karstensens Shipyard.

Unity Specification

Lloyds class

Length 45 m
Breadth 11 m

Main engine 2400 kw
Ancillary engine 1 -1200kw
Ancillary engine 2 -110kw
Bow thruster 200kw,
Stern thruster 350kw

Accommodation - 7 x 2 person cabins and 2 x 1 person cabin

1 laundry, 3 showers, 4 toilets,

2 arpa radars, 3 sounders, 3 video chart plotters including 3D, a newly installed satellite communication package

2 phone lines and 2 broadband connections on the Bridge, and a wireless broadband router in the accommodation

Winches & Cranes – all Karmoy type

2 x 50t x 2500m x 28mm
3 x 25t x 2500m x 28mm
1 x 40t x 2.9m x 3.5m
1 x 3t crane
1 x 2.5t crane

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Unity Mess Room
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